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Top 5 Flowers for a Spring Event

If you live in the UK, you will probably agree that this year we had to wait for it, but spring is in the air... FINALLY! 


Some of the prettiest flowers are blooming in this season in a variety of colours and they are perfect to suit any type of event and theme. They can also be mixed with other colours and type of flowers.

Another great advantage of using seasonal flowers is that they are easier to source and low-priced.


Read on to find out the top 5 seasonal flowers in spring!

1. Lily of the Valley 


Whoever followed William and Kate's wedding - and if you are reading this post you probably did - will remember that the bride was holding a lovely bouquet composed of seasonal flowers, among which lilies of the valley were featured.


The bell-shaped blossoms are graceful and create a vibrant contrast with their green leaves. This flower is often used in religious ceremonies as it symbolises humility, chastity, and purity as well as luck in love. It also means "the return of happiness". 


Availability: peaking March - May 


Colours: ivory, pale rose pink

Image Credit (clockwise): 1. Popsugar; 2. Filckr; 3. Wedding Sparrow; 4. Brides Magazine; 5. Gardenia


2. Peony


With its large and fluffy petals, peonies are definitely one of the most chosen flowers for a classic style. And indeed, all my brides last year in spring had peonies in their bouquet.


They come in a variety of colours and symbolise honour, wealth, and romantic love.


Availability: peaking April - June


Colours: cream, white, rose pink, deep pink, burgundy

Image Credit (clockwise): 1. Make Light; 2. Pinimg; 3. My Wedding Guides; 4. Hello Naomi


3. Tulip


Naturally associated to spring, tulips are very versatile since they can be found in different coulours and varieties, like parrot tulips and fringed tulips. 


They have different meanings depending on their colour as well, but there is no doubt that they are chosen for their beauty and grace. 


Availability: peaking December - May


Colours: nearly every colour  

Image Credit (clockwise): 1. Tie the Knot Santorini ; 2. Flower Island (via Etsy) ; 3. Cakes Decor


4. Hyacinth


Another seasonal flower featured in Kate Middleton's bouquet, hyacinth comes in a variety of colours and blooms in clusters.


Hyacinth symbolises constancy.


Availability: peaking November - May


Colours: white, cream, blue, pink, lilac 

Image Credit (clockwise): 1. American Meadows; 2. Better Homes & Gardens; 3. Botanical Brouhaha; 4. Lullah Belle Events; ; 5. Inside Weddings


5. Ranunculus


Its thin crêpe-paper petals make this flower excellent to be paired with other blooms or to be used on its own. In fact, it is not surprising that it has been very popular in the past years and considered a more convenient alternative to roses and peonies.


By the way, ranunculus symbolises charm...


Availability: peaking December - May 


Colours: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, burgundy

 Image Credit (clockwise): 1. Pinimg; 2. Pink Lilac; 3. Silk Flowers By Jean (via Etsy); 4. Martha Stewart Weddings



I would really struggle to choose just one... And you?



Gaia xx

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