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10 Steps for Planning the Perfect Event

A friend of mine wants to organise a baby shower for her sister who is due in July. Whilst talking about it, she actually admitted she felt overwhelmed about the organisation and she asked me for some advice. In fact, who doesn't want their party to be a success and create amazing memories?


Believe it or not, the key to a successful event lies in its planning and organisation. And - believe it or not - whether you're planning a dinner with some friends or the biggest wedding of the year, the process for a successful event is almost the same regardless of the type of event that you are planning. 


So, what are the steps for delivering a successful event?


Step One - Set Your Purpose

Yes, it all starts with it! So, whether you want to gather friends or celebrate a special occasion, you need to ask yourself why you are organising the event and what you want to achieve at the end of it.


Step Two - Choose a Theme/Colour Palette

Once you have set your objectives, it's time to consider what look and feel you want for your event. All elements of your event will fit the theme and/or colour palette you've chosen so everything will look harmonious. Use Pinterest to get inspired...


Step Three - Set Your Budget

Make a financial plan to allocate the right amount of money to each element of the event and ensure that you will not run out of money during the planning process. Being realistic with the budget is crucial. 



Step Four - Make a Guest List

How many people and who will be at the event? Writing down a guest list will help you not to forget anyone. Also, it is crucial to determine other elements of your event, such as the venue. Would you hire a ballroom with a capacity of 100 people if you are inviting 250 guests? 


Step Five - Choose a Venue

This is certainly a key factor when planning an event, as not every venue is the same. The space should be the right size to host your guests, not too big nor too small. Be careful with its décor, as this should be in harmony with the theme/colour palette you've chosen. Décor may be changed at some venues, but make sure you have considered extra costs in your budget. 


Step Six - Plan a Menu

No matter if you are going to have a buffet or a seated meal, if you are going to cook or have a catering, food and beverage are crucial to planning a successful event. Your guests will talk about that. It is a good idea also to offer different options, such as vegeterian and dairy free.  


Step Seven - Book Vendors

Don't forget to book other vendors. Flowers, furniture, music are all important to deliver an unforgettable party. Try to get at least two quotes for each service and make sure to book reliable vendors. 


Step Eight - Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!

Entertainment is essential to impress your guests. Try to think about something else in addition to music and dance. For example, some funny games or a magician, anything that can be enjoyed by all the attendees will make your event unforgettable. 


Step Nine - Send Out Invitations 

Whether it is an e-invite or a handwritten invitation, try to send it far in advance to let your guests know and make sure they will be free to attend the event. For bigger events like weddings, it is a good idea to send a "Save the Date" reminder (usually 8 weeks befor the event). Don't forget to add an RSVP to know how many of your guests will come to your event. 


Step Ten - Get Help, Deliver Your Event and... Enjoy!

The big day has arrived. You've planned everything in detail and now it is essential to coordinate everything well and make sure that the party runs smoothly. Relying on the right people is key to a successful event. Whether it will be your best friend or a professional event coordinator, you want the best people to deliver your planned event and let you enjoy it. 




Image Credit


First Image (Background Image): Kikki.K

Second Image: Modwedding

Third Image: Paper Lantern Store 



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